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One of the original foundation moves of Krump, is done by swinging the arm almost in a throwing motion, focused from the elbow to the shoulder and can be done in a variety of methods. They are a method of releasing energy that is built up during a krump round.


A get off is what a dancer is building to in their round; it is when they have been able to execute all elements that make up a Krump around and build the energy up so successfully that they are able to release everything for the rest of the session to feel.


Big Homie is the leader of a Krump fam. They play a big brother/big sister role to the fam and act as a mentor and a guide for their lil homie’s in not just Krump, but life as well.


Is the verbal and physical support and indication that those who are not dancing give to the person dancing. It is normally a vocal encouragement, with the aim to give energy to push the dancer towards a get off.


A dispute between two or more krumpers, often resolved by a Krump battle.



An arm and hand movement that is similar in nature to a punch but can be executed with different hand gestures. Dancers extend their arm to a point and either place their hand in front or quickly release it back.


Originally used as a way to express that something looks good, BUCK has evolved to also be both a feeling and part of a zone, the lower section of the body, where certain movements are expressed.


Is where krumpers take the time to learn, practice and create new movement and ideas for their dancing, which can then be utilised in a session or battle. This can be done by themselves or in a group, normally within a crew or fam setting.


A movement where a dancer jumps off the ground, one foot a time and then stomps their feet back down after another. Can be stationery or can be used to travel.



Somebody chosen to join a fam and will take on a rank and name decided by the Big Homie. Their role is to represent the fam as well as learn from the Big Homie.


When a krumper gets caged, they have to battle a number of people, round after round. This will often form part of an initiation into a fam. 


This a term that can describe a feeling and a technique. It is a zone in Krump referring to the area above the shoulders where the dancer directs and executes all their movement. It also refers to the feeling a dancer creates within themselves and expresses to the session, making the atmosphere around them “feel alive”.


When a dancer challenges another dancer to a battle. This can be either for friendly or negative reasons.


Refers to the newest generation of krumpers within a scene, typically under 2-3 years of experience in Krump.


The persona that a krumper adopts while they are dancing. This can influence what they do and how they do it, ranging from the way their body moves to the stories that they tell when they dance.


The original generation of krumpers  in that area. Depending on where the dancer is from, this status can change. Somebody can be an Australian OG, but in terms of the overall Krump movement, that may change.


A movement that pushes the chest forward, normally isolated from the rest of the body. Can be done sharply or slowly. One of the original foundational movements of Krump.


Basically the period of time a krumper dancers for either in a session or a battle. Rounds can go for any amount of time.


A hand gesture done by opening the hand and stretching the fingers out as wide as they can, used a way to expand on a feeling or expand energy during a round.


Where Krump dancers get together to share and dance. People will stand normally in a circle and take turns of dancing, while those who are not dancing hype up the dancer in the middle. There can be battles at a session, but ultimately a session is where dancers come to exchange and express their dance in a free environment.



Short for family, it is a group of krumpers who are joined together by a Big Homie. Everybody in the fam takes on the Krump name of their big homie and a “rank” in the fam. The role of the fam is to facilitate growth in Krump and act as a support system, in and out of the dance community.


A motion where the dancer uses their foot to stomp on the ground. This is a foundational move in Krump and is very unique to the Krump style. There are different variations of the stomp and it has a few different meanings.


Are the movements that Krump is built from. These are the signature movements that belong to Krump and are used as the building blocks to a dancers repertoire.


Short for veteran and refers to somebody who has been in the Krump scene for over ten years but was not part of the original generation for that scene or the overall movement.

 Definitions by Kayla Hamilton co-edited by Rachel Main 
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